How do people sync music with devices (like mp3 players, phones etc)?

Having had no luck at all with my preferred method, I just wanted to ask how other people sync music with their external devices from Manjaro, or is it just not done?

By 'sync' I mean that a playlist (or similar) on the machine, has all of it's changes (additions and deletions) mirrored properly in the appropriate filesystem of the external device. This seemed like such a very basic task on Windows that I can't believe there's no alternative on Linux.

So how do Manjaro users do it?

I do not, I use Apple Music, other can use Spotify.

Is that because you've not been able to get it to work work on Linux? Or is it because you really like giving away personal data to multinational data-harvesting organisations (joking!).

I am trying to adapt to the world, I use Apple Music it is easy and have lots of new music, it works on the web app, I use iCloud and I use OneDrive, I do not use Google services, Facebook or any other social media, but Manajro forum :slight_smile:
Sync local music has been pain, looking for music was pain, I purchased few CDs and I used to download music from torrents I do not do this since Apple Music launched years ago, I have more time to listen then to look for.

Most of my devices use linux, and I use rsync or unison to sync.

rsync -avr $music/ $sailmusic --progress --delete --dry-run   

paths with $ are set in the .bashrc or .zshrc

 export music=/media/shares4/Music

Wow. Most of your devices use Linux, you are hardcore. Does that include phones and mp3 players? If so, I'd love to know what devices you've found (hacked?).

SailfishOS running on my phone, and I have a rpi running ArchLinuxARM as a mediacenter with Kodi, mpd server ...etc

Cool. What make have you got that on?

Sony Xperia XA2

So close. I have an Xperia XZ Premium, but SailfishOS doesn't officially support it. How do you find it?

Maybe there is a community build for it, but I wouldn't recommend installing it, cause the risk of bricking your phone.

Yeah, that was my thought too. We live in hope...

The last time i synced my playlist from apple music to google music i used MusConv. It is very easy to use and one think i love about is its ability to transfer unlimited tracks.

I can't find MusConv in either the Manjaro Repository nor the AUR, and the website only has options fro Windows and Apple. Is there a Linux build you know of?

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