How do you allocate space for windows when dual booting from just manjaro

I want to dual boot my system and add windows 10 is it possible to allocate space on manjaro or do I have to do that after booting windows. If it is possible how do I do it

In gparted you can resize your disk.
However windows will kill your grub.
The correct way how to dualboot is in manual which is also in live ISO, I think install windows 10 first then make room for Manjaro and then install Manjaro to that partition.

Page 43

Here is a nice tutorial to dual boot installations:

Common practice is to install Windows first, make some space for Manjaro (with Windows tools or via Linux live ISO using Gparted) and then to install Manjaro.

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I always put manjaro 1st, myself. (In the olden days you had to put Windows 1st.)
Then I fix grub after the windows install. That way it's easy to get rid of windows when it makes me angry and give the space back to /home without hurting manjaro.

You will have to fix grub again after some windows updates, so get used to it if you dual boot.


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