How full disable power management ?

I'm using Manjaro XFCE, my notebook is special, is it an ACER chromebook C910, and power management is failing, so I need to full disable (always works at home).

How full disable power management ?

I have a lot of problems with power-management. I try it to disable into Settings managements, but sometimes I got blank screeen, or if a boot, and not login, system goes blank screen after some time and can not restore the screen, so I decided to full disable power-management (I don't need it)

Not sure i can understand that statement ... Are you referring as is always plugged in the power outlet and not running on battery?
Also not sure if is a mistranslation or something else, but i honestly recommend this

I would have said disabling Display power management should do the trick, since automatic locking or sleeping is based on display state.

Yes, it is always plugged in the power outlet, never running on battery.

I do it, but sometimes I switch on notebook, go to take a coffe (without login, I use gdm xfce) and when come back my display is blank and can not recover (then I need push power button, reboot and do force fsck file check) , so power management is active before you login and I need full disable of power management.

AFAIK the previously mentioned settings are at user level. So before logging in, your user's settings aren't in effect yet.
Changing those settings as root may be in effect on the login screen...

Thanks, mayne, I have tried login like root, disabled all at setting -> manager power , but when I switch on my notebook, and keep into login screen (GDM) without login, the screen goes to blanck and can not recover, so there must be a proccess (from system depend ) that execute power management and I can not disable.

Then how about this?

Reading a lot of documentation, I have found that Manjaro XFCE use lightdm as display manager, I go to settings -> and found there is an "LightDM GTK+ Greeter settings.

Inside there is an option at "Misc tab" that says: "Timeout until the screen blank" I have set to "Never". I will try with this new value an set result here.



:pensive: Buff, blank screen again and need reboot and fsck.

  • DPMS is disabled.
  • Seettings -> power management disabled (user and root)
  • LightDM setting blank screen disabled.

But still, when not login, screen goes blank and can not restore it.

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