How good is manjaro support for desktop pc with nvidia gpu?

I'm buying a desktop pc with new nvidia gpu, and i was wondering if i need to do anything about drivers, will manjaro automatically detect nvidia gpu and install correct drivers, or do i need to manually install nvidia drivers via mhwd ?

Will be detected and installed automatically, choose in the boot menu whether you want free or non-free drivers.

on Linux in general, AMD is the better choice due to only free drivers there.

Nvidia will also work, like already said, but you might run into problems when using the non-free driver (not during installation but during later updates when new nvidia drivers are released). The non-free driver is more or less mandatory if you need good performance of the card.

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Well you might run into problems with any driver... :slight_smile:
Never had a big problem with nvidia non-free on Manjaro, with maybe the exception of the infamous tearing.

It's true though that the non-free driver is mandatory for cards > Geforce 4xx.

I'm running on a new machine with a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti and haven't run into any issues. Originally I was using the free drivers, but I'm running Cinnamon, so I'm more or less forced to use the non-free drivers, or else I get thrown into software rendering mode every other day. Of course, I'm running a 144hz monitor, so I also use the non-free drivers to handle that. Everything's been working great for me.

From my own experience I can say that works great I was using the Nvidia GTX 970 but you have to install libstrangle-git to control the 500FPS in games!!!

Not on newer cards, stuff like Polaris and Vega would still use proprietary drivers.

absolutely not!
GCN cards are the ones that have the best opensource drivers and also Vulkan support on Linux with free drivers. Polaris and Vega are such cards.

You just need newer kernels like 4.15 and above to use all features that these cards offer. The newest Vega chips, which are in the APU's need 4.17 or later.

My Polaris RX480 works great since 4.7 or so with the free drivers, and since 4.15 HDMI/DP Audio now also work with free drivers.

The only proprietary driver that AMD still offers is aimed at commercial users, it is only available for RedHat and Ubuntu LTS, and even in that proprietary driver, most parts are open-source since some months now.

Not for gaming though, they still use proprietary drivers for that

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Absolutely not.
like already said, there is no proprietary driver for distributions other then RedHat and Ubuntu LTS. Yet there are a lot of gamers on other distributions, for example me here on Manjaro with my RX480 Polaris card.

The free driver for GCN cards is called amdgpu. You can see it's gaming performance here:

The proprietary driver is called amdgpu-pro, and like already said, is only available for RedHat and Ubuntu LTS. Redistributing that one is not allowed so it is not available on Manjaro.
You can see it's performance compared to the free one here:
Actually, some games are not even starting with the proprietary one.

The -pro suffix is not only a suffix, it changes the driver completely. amdgpu is part of mesa and thus can only exist while being opensource. amdgpu-pro is a completely independent package, thus proprietary.

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