How i can create a Dual boot, starting from Manjaro, with Windows 10

Hi all, i m new in the Manjaro environment, and i m looking for a dual boot from Manjaro, with Windows 10. I ve trying to sneak on the internet but i ve never found a guide to do that, always starting from Windows but never from Manjaro. Someone can help me ?

Have a look here:

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Or this one:

Or this one:

Yes i ve looked at this post, but the problem now is, from Manjaro i ve to create an usb device with Windows, ready to be installed and a partition from the hdd that can fit Windows. How i can create a partition for windows if the whole Hdd has only Manjaro and another partition for the boot? I can t modify the partition while i m running manjaro, what can i do ?

Dual boot with Windows on the same disc is always a compromise and if you install Windows in the second step you have to fix some (minor) issues afterwards by chrooting into the Manjaro install as Windows will affect the Manjaro boot process.

Best would be to use two discs and to install each OS without the other disc being installed in the PC. Afterwards, you install both discs, boot via firmware into Manjaro, run sudo update-grub and you can nicely select the OS from grub's selection menu.

If you intend to stay with only one disc I would recommend to make a backup, and then to follow the tutorial I mentioned. More experienced experts here may provide you with a procedure how to install Windows as the second step.

I would advise you to just install Windows and then reinstall Manjaro, or install Windows on a second disk as others have suggested. But, if you absolutely must keep your current Manjaro installation for some reason, and absolutely must share a drive between the two installations, then you could, hypothetically...

1- Start a live session (might as well use a Manjaro USB, will need it later for boot repair anyway)
2-Shrink your current installation down to the size you plan your Manjaro partition to be (ie if you're going have a 100GB partition for Manjaro after installing windows, your current partition needs to match that size when you clone it. If you have a separate home partition the same rule applies to that too)
3-Use Clonezilla to create an image of that partition(s).
4- Wipe your disk and install windows 10, making sure to install in UEFI.
5- Shrink the Windows partition from inside windows to make space for Manjaro
6- Boot into a live Manjaro session, format the space you made, and restore the cloned image to that partition(s).
7- Use Manjaro chroot to boot repair and reinstall grub.
8-Restart and hopefully have a functional dual boot system

I'm not writing this as a suggestion (seriously, don't try it), but rather to illustrate why we generally install Windows before installing a Linux distribution, doing it the other way around is a massive hassle because Windows is a jerk and insists on installing to the entire disk. On paper, I can't see why this method wouldn't work, but I certainly don't advise trying it yourself. Particularly if you are, as you say yourself, quite new to Manjaro and I presume Linux as a whole.

The more you know...

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If you say so, i will try to do as you were telling me, install Windows and then manjaro. But i don t get it, why is more complex in the way i need now, why is more complicate starting from manjaro?

because Windows is a jerk and insists on installing to the entire disk

That s very dumb actually.. Thx a lot for your help.

You could have a look at these, you would still have to do a boot repair but it's easier than the method I described before.

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If I remember correct it is next to impossible to install Windows as second OS. That may have changed as it is long time since I tried this and at that time Windows installer refused to install unless on the first partition.

The posts referenced by @10yearslate is the posts I remember - just didn't remember the author - @gohlip is a very capable and reliable source.

What you are trying to achieve is on the wild side because you can't trust the Windows installer to not mess with your $esp. You are taking the risk that Manjaro won't boot and you need to fix the Grub bootloader.

You need to release the space required for your Windows partition and you are correct - it cannot within a running system as the partition needs to unmounted to be able to resize the root partition.

The safest method is using Gparted from a live Manjaro.

The process to release space from your primary partition is described - albeit in another context - in this guide [HowTo] Reinstall Manjaro without losing data

哪里哪里。(where where :wink: - meaning, not at all). I'm just a regular user who has contributed nothing to grub, other than to suggest grub has commands 'halt' and 'reboot' and they did it within a day. I did nothing.

But if windows installation messed up Manjaro's bootloader, all that is needed to get it back is the [Simple First Start].

Ok i m starting to be more aware of what i was trying to do, ty for the support !

Modesty is the great man's garment :+1:

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