How install Canon LBP 6200D on Manjaro

Hello all Manjaro User.

I am new to Linux about 1 year as full-time Linux user (my daily drive) and i Love my Manjaro.

Everything works perfect and i could not be happier but only One thing i cant solve and it is how install my printer Canon LBP [Canon 6200] (

Does anyone know how to fix this problem?? Or if someone have drivers for this Canon.
The drivers there on Homepage is only for ubuntu and does not work on my Manjaro :frowning:

Could anyone (kinde Soul help me with this )
Any help is very much appreciate.

Peter ( Linux NooB) hehhe

Hello. Welcome to Manjaro and the Forums.

My suggestion is to start learning to use the wiki to have a better understanding .

So two things
The gutenprint package provise opensource drivers; Read here:

For Vendor Specific you need to look here:

and we find that you need to install Canon CAPT:

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