How much should I trust to Community Editions?

There is non-official forks of Manjaro. But it's risky to use them, right?

Not really, no. Insofar I can tell, there are never any real issues with the community editions. They use the same underlying foundation as the official editions, but with alternative desktop environments.


The Community editions on the official site are put together by manjaro maintainers and use official manjaro packages.

Unofficial spins can be put together by anyone and contain anything.


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I didn't get it.
There is Official: KDE, XFCE, GNOME, Architect.
And Community: Aswesome, Bspwm, Budgie, Cinnamon...

I agree, what aren't you getting?

By Unofficial you don't mean Community (Cinnamon...), right?
And what do you mean by manjaro maintainers - the same people who do KDE for instance? If not, then how can we trust them?

The official editions are the ones for which the original Manjaro developers offer downloadable live/install images.

As @dalto says, the community editions are put together by other Manjaro developers/maintainers using the same underlying configuration and core software, and the spins are put together by members of the forum, but they can deviate a lot from the official and community editions on account of the basic configuration and the included software.

For instance...:

  • Manjaro XFCE is an official edition.

  • Manjaro32 is a 32-bit version of that, and is a community edition, maintained by @jonathon, who is the forum administrator and the sudo maintainer.

  • Manjarowish is a spin created by forum member @Librewish, which comes with a very specific configuration.


Correct. Unofficial spins are posted in the forum or other places on the internet.

The maintainers are the people who build the packages in the manjaro repos. If you don't trust them, then you can't trust manjaro in general.

The primary difference between community and official is that the community ISOs are produced with less frequency and on a best effort basis. That being said, since Manjaro is rolling it doesn't make all that much difference.


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