How much swap space is required?

Hello guys.I have seen in several places that it is required to provide some swap space for the linux system. Is it really required? If then how much is needed for a system with 3gb ram.

None is required. However, with only 3 gb of ram, you may want some swap unless you only run very few applications.

There is no absolute right value, it depends on your specific workload.

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Thanks and I do run some applications so can u tell me how much should i allocate for the swap.

If you use a swapfile instead of dedicated partition you can adjust the size whenever you need to.

I would start with 1.5 GB of swap and see how it goes.

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Thank you

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I now let systemd-swap decide how much (adjust in fact) --> /swapfile : fstab | SOLUTION : systemd-swap ! Thank You all!

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