How to access windows drive as read-write from manjaro gnome

How can I access my windows 10 drives as read-write from manjaro gnome to copy-move-delete files which resides in windows occupied drives on-the-go?

There are a lot of posts on this you can read about here if you need details. However, there are two key things you need to be sure of.

You need to use ntfs-3g to mount the drive and you need to make sure fast-boot is off in Windows.

Please reply in details or give a suitable link as you mentioned.
Thanking you for your time to reply

First, disable Windows 10 fast boot:

Next install the package ntfs-3g. You can do this from graphical utility "Add/Remove Software" or the terminal. From a terminal you would type sudo pacman -S ntfs-3g.

If that doesn't resolve it let us know but we will probably need more info such as if it is an internal or external drive and how you are mounting it.

It is laptop's internal HDD of 1 TB

I have a UEFI Laptop

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