How to add Key Chords in Manjaro KDE (define and use a macro)

Hi Everyone,
I'm Kinda New to Manjaro so donno everything in detail. I tried to search this problem online but got no solution. So this is Basically my final option.

My Query is how can to configure Key Chords for accessing applications.
Like we have in VS Code.
Eg : (CTRL + K) + (CTRL +T) gives you themes option or (CTRL + K) +(CTRL + S) gives you Keyboard Shortcuts.
So can you have this kind of keymaps on Manjaro Linux.
If you pls help me....
Thank You for your precious time bdw.

If I understand what you are asking, in System Settings under shortcuts you can set or create keyboard shortcuts. They are setting by click the button and then pressing the key combination.

So if you press ctrl+k,ctrl+t, it should set that.

Is that what you are asking or am I missing the point?

Depends on the progression you're after. If you're playing the blues or classic rock, typically that would be I-IV-V with a V7 turn-around. In the key of E, that would be E-A-B-B7.... Let's also not forget, two notes are an interval, three or more are a chord.

Oh. You're speaking of Emacs? ... or are you using a chorded keyboard?


No it isn't.
as soon as you press CTRL+K,then it asks for command and doesn't register
(CTRL +K CTRL + T) as whole
I want these two to act together as one key.
Here I'll give you an eg :
I want to press open a folder named 'Programming' and I wanna bind it to
( Super+E Super+P) . I want this type of configuration.
If you have ever used vs code you would get it

I don't get it.

Ya :sweat_smile:
I'm saying about keyboard shortcuts to open/close apps


Look near the Themes or Keyboard shortcuts.
Two different set of Keymaps are mapped for doing one thing

I see, System Settings will let you key them in but when you go to save it only saves the first one.


How did you do it.
My KDE does not support this.
I press <Super + E> then try to press P, it just pops up a dialog as <Super +E> is assigned to Opening Dolphin

I just keyed it in. But it doesn't really matter because as soon as you apply it it reverts to the only the first one.

It seems like it isn't supported through system settings

Ya even I thought system doesn't support it.
I thought it would be possible(cause its linux). :sweat_smile:
But ya its not a major thing. :grin:
I love Manjaro and I'm trying to learn i3 now. :nerd_face:

It has nothing to do with Linux, these are properties of the Desktop Environment.
I'd not be surprised if I3 would allow you those multiple bindings.

Dude I'm not digging linux, I have become fan of manjaro in past 2 months. You can do so much of customization in linux make the OS as perfect as you want.
Again not trying to diss linux or whatsoever

I have just found a Solution to this problem. Its not native but it does the job.
Just install and configure sxhkd and then you can define sequence of keys to perform some action.
You can run man sxhkd(after installation) for more info

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yes well you are describing a macro for an action made up of several key entries rather than one shortcut combination. glad you found the solution though and thanks for sharing as I may use it too in future :slight_smile:

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