how to add pycharm to the application list

hey there ,
i'm new to linux and have very little knowledge about the basics of linux.
i'm using manjaro kde. i have downloaded pycharm. they are asking me to

"""Add "{installation home}/bin" to your PATH environment
variable so that you can start PyCharm from any directory. """

how do i do this ?

same happens with telegram also. i have to open the application manually through navigating through all these folders. i can't even add some shortcuts

How did you install telegram and pycharm ?

My best guess is that you want to access PyCharm and Telegram from the KDE application menus, but the menus don't have the app entries yet. In that case, right click your application menu button and choose Edit Applications. This will open the KDE Menu Editor, where you get to add the entries for your apps.

On my end, accessing the menu editor would look like this:


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I am not a KDE user but installation of JetBrains tools is straight forward on most systems.

The recommended method of installation is to download the archive and unpack it a convenient location with write access for your user.

Another convenient method is the ToolBox app - which is my preferred method of installing and running the set of tools. This method also takes care of updates (most JetBrains tools are selfupdating when unpacked and run from your home)

Then navigate to the bin folder of the app and run the launcher script - this process creates a desktop launcher in your ~/.local/share/applications.

Create the folder ~/.local/bin if it do not exist. I will be in your path automagically.

If you want a bin shortcut in your home symlink the folder like this

ln -s ~/.local/bin ~/bin
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I suggest installing pycharm from the AUR if you have downloaded it from their website. If I remember well(been a while since I installed it), you won't have to answer that question. Also when pycharm gets update, you can just update it using your preferred AUR package manager instead of redownloading it from the website and running the newly downloaded install script.

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i've downloaded them from their official sites and extracted . i was unable to find any installation file. so i started using the application file from the bin folder itself

We dont usually do that unless we have a specific reason.
Instead we prefer things recognized by the package manager - whether that means using the Repos or the AUR or making our own pkgbuilds.

pycharm and telegram are available in both the repos and the AUR

If you install one of those ways, you likely wont have this problem .. and you wont have dependency problems, will get regular updates, etc etc.

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okay. I was using Linux mint earlier.Their package manager was full of old versions. I didn't knew that AUR was this good. :grin:

this works great brother

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There are often even 'dev' or 'git' versions of software available in the AUR if you want to have the very latest.

ok let me try this

i just need the stable one . Thanks for the info anyway

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