How to add rtc module in Rpi4.

I am using raspberry pi 4 with manjaro kde. The pi4 dos not have rtc on it, how do i add rtc module

You have to buy/assemble it yourself...

I have bought a module ds3231, but unable to make it work

Try this:

how do i start configuration tool in manjaro .

Now that, I haven't a clue. You might find that it (rtc module) won't even work with Manjaro.

Is thair any way to get running rtc in manjaro / Rpi

I do not have a rtc module so I do not have all of the steps required. There is no raspi-config to do things automatically in our image. From searching there is quite a bit of manual steps that has to be done. Most of the guides use a debian based OS so things are a little difficult to get things done. This script looks promising designed for debian/arch based OS's. It is only good for the RTC modules with DS1307 and DS3231 chips.

install & setup of an I2C RTC on RaspberryPi (both Arch Linux ARM and Raspbian)

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