How to Ask Questions the Smart Way

Today I stumpled upon an Arch user who in their forum had the subjects title in his profile-footer.

Since I am curios and always interested in opinions - if I can learn something - I had to look it up.

It is indeed an interesting article on how we approach others with the sole purpose of getting help to an annoying problem.

Check it and see if you agree with the author.

How to Ask Questions the Smart Way

@master_andreas youre probaly right most will :sleeping:

So - suggested reading

Before asking

Actually asking


there is no way someone is going to read all that


Read...and apply. I come from Arch, the first must-read is...that very text. If you deviate...they come down on you like a ton of bricks.
Arch has a (sometimes) "acid" community...
Wonder why I use Manjaro? The community for one :wink:


Agree and agree - the Autor is right - but I have to say, that usually people are abiding to those rules on their own - those that bother to read the text also know the netiquette but those that do not (care) wont read the text either :frowning:

It's an interesting read, I read that some time ago.

About Arch forums: I can hardly blame then for being a little "uptight", because first, Arch is Not a distro aimed at noobs and second Arch Wiki has almost all the answers you need.Some of it's users may be a little grumpy :sunglasses:
But here it's easy to identify the "grumpy" ones :stuck_out_tongue:

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I suggest NOBODY reads that text ever. There is a reason TL;DR became a thing.

His change log (which he proudly smacks you in the face with) goes back to to 2004. So he's been at this for 12 years, constantly adding more preaching, but never removing old stuff, just keeps piling on the pontification.

Its ESR, nobody expects Practical Solutions or clear writing from ESR. We've all seen Fetchmail.

Just Don't Be A Help Vampire!



I wouldn't know any of them...

And I've read the Howto, OP. Posted it here myself, as have others before. You'll find no disagreement from me about Arch or its forum practices. Nor about Manjaro or its forum practices. And I guess asking questions intelligently doesn't have to be intelligent people? :wink:



Interesting and useful reading.

Far less sleep inducing than RTFM.

More applicable to a highly technical list than a main public forum for an accessible and user-friendly distro.

But certainly helpful in understanding where the developers might be coming from.

Come for the OS and stay for the emoji's. :smile:

Speaking for myself of course.

Edit: This was meant to be a reply to the thread. Any way to change it from being a reply to a particular post?

I personally found it educating to read how another person persieve such requests.

Being an Asperger I constantly have to seek for the right ways to interact with other humans and in this regard how to express myself such as not to be offending.

Over the years I have had less success but it is getting better :smile:

So if any of you have found me or finds me a bit too square I apologize.

Regards .


:smile: :smile_cat: :heart: o..yea? :wink: :wink: :cake:

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I always found your replies stimulating and educating. Now I know why!!! This kitten is outof the bag :smile_cat:
Hugs for you!
I wish more people 'd follow your lead and THINK before acting, talking or otherwise interacting...

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Yea, instead GIVE back, it's so satisfying to see how people grow from what YOU gave back.

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Thanks - hugs accepted with a big :smile:

The kitten - Just returned from 250km drive to bring home a kitten - a replacement for the cat I had to put to rest

Now as @c00ter I can have a female which is not my wife to warm me :slight_smile:

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me too.:no_mouth:

250Km? Umm, in our scope (belgium iw not even that wide) that is far. Your hollydays cannot fail anymore :slight_smile:

Its more like 125km each way.
DK is not bigger than a 4 hour drive from north to south or east to west. And aprox. 60% of that square is water :smile:

Man, we drive that long south in one stretch we end up in the mediteranean, LOL

You must be some speed hog :smile:

we have general speed limit at highway/autobahn @110 km/h so not that big.

Not...if you drive something like this, three cilinders, no 1000cc and possibly unable to go beyond 110Km/h :slight_smile:
But, europe is not that big, I live in belgium...

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