How to autologin for Manjaro Linux Xfce on start up

If you choose "ask password on startup" when you first install Manjaro and you want to enable autologin after installation do that steps.
Go to Manjaro Settings Manager

Choose User Accounts

Select your user account

Choose Account Type

Select Show Groups

Select autologin and apply setting

And you can quit after apply.
In this process you can see some popups for confirmation and warning windows, select "yes" and finish your process.
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good work nice tutorial
BTW this does not work for LXDM

For LXDM, edit the file /etc/lxdm/lxdm.conf and uncomment the line that starts with autologin and enter the userid as shown below.


I guess the procedure somewhat similar for slim display manager also.


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every display manager has a config file with possibility to set autologin. That being said, does the above method work when you got no GUI - say in a netinstall ?


Good question. I don't know the answer to that.

There is some info here in Arch Wiki, but that too only is Xorg is there. The net install just provides the bare bones.



Nice Tutorial!
I have never tried to do/ thought of an autologin with XFCE before, so this information is very good to know :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, my "Groups"-list does not display the "autologin" group, so I can't utilize this solution.
I hope ladies and gentlemen here will feel like to suggest how I can have the GUI display this option.

Im running a one day old, fresh install of 16.10.3 Fringilla.

I just ran into the same problem as addeps3. My groups-list does also not contain the entry autologin.
I the file /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf in the section [Seat:*] i uncommented the entry autologin-user and set it to my username, e.g. autologin-user=hans, but that did not work. I still get the login screen on startup.

How can the autologin in lightdm under manjaro xfce be set properly?


You probably need to create the autologin group. Let's see what Arch Wiki says.

I think the complete solution is here:

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I wrote this page ages ago, for our Wiki. I edited it & simplified it last time I touched it, incorporating the OpenRC how-to & pointing the SystemD users to the ArchWiki.

It still works for me. I'm running a Net-install Openbox OpenRC system.


@handy to the rescue :smiley:

he always comes in @handy

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@handy Andy :stuck_out_tongue:

I move to incorporate an out-of-the-box GUI solution into future releases of Manjaro for all flagship versions.

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