How To Backup And Restore Linux With Timeshift

Backup is especially important if your a Newbie.
I know i hosed my Linux more times than I can count when I was new to Linux.

Great easy to understand tutorial:
How To Backup And Restore Linux With Timeshift


Timeshift seems very good. I hav'nt done a system restore yet.
You can backup Timeshift to an external hard drive but it needs to have a Linux file system.

Note: You can't start Timeshift though the GUI.
You start Timeshift in the Terminal with sudo timeshift-gtk

Not really, timeshift-launcher run the gui on X server but if you use wayland you need to run in terminal timeshift-launcher...

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Thanks for that. I must be using wayland.

Sorry, but the blog article seems to be plain wrong to me, when it says

It has the capability to capture your ENTIRE OS with all the contents in your home folder into a single snapshot.

AFAIK, TimeShift does NOT backup your personal files by default, but ONLY the system files. See

For backing up personal files BackInTime is recommended by the makers of TimeShift. In fact BackInTime and TimeShift are good in combination.

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Yes, that's not very clear. Timeshift does backup all the hidden configuration files in the home directory, but not your personal files. It's meant to backup the OS, not your data. That way, you can restore your system files to a previous working state without rolling back your personal files.

Right. So it is at least misleading to say that it backups the contents of the home folder. Actually I just checked on my machine, it did exclude the non hidden contents of my home folder entirely.

So all Newbies here should be warned...

DO NOT rely on TimeShift to backup your personal files! By default it only backs up the system files (but for that it is pretty good).

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