How to boot Manjaro-Install-DVD on iMac

I've got an iMac from 2008 and want to install manjaro on it. Unfortunately the DVD won't boot when pressing 'c'-key while booting the mac.

I've downloaded the iso-file from manjaro and burnt the image on an DVD on my Windows-Desktop.

What did I wrong?

Will it boot on the windows machine?

Well I will try it later, but I think so since it was always working this way. It seems like the Mac is a special case here...

Try pressing and holding the "option" key after the Mac boot sound. A list of drives should come up. Select the one titled "EFI" or something along those lines.

I've installed Manjaro on two Macs with this method so if this doesn't work, you could try installing rEFInd and booting from the CD/DVD there.

EDIT: Sometimes Windows screws up the burn process and simply puts the ISO onto the DVD rather than writing the image. Make sure your DVD doesn't just contain an ISO file but has files and folders contained in it.

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