How to change bootsplash loading animation?

So, I've already got bootsplash working, but what I want to do now is change the loading animation that accompanies the logo to something that doesn't look like it's straight out of Windows 10. I've searched a lot for the answer, but the only things I could find were the initial setup for bootsplash (which I've already done) and some other miscellaneous things (such as bootsplash-show-on-shutdown.service). I've tried to use Plymouth instead, but I couldn't get that to work, and I also heard it was depreciated in favour of bootsplash because of a bunch of issues ("not working" might've been one of them).
How can I go about this? Do I have to create a custom theme, modify some file somewhere, or use Plymouth? If Plymouth is the answer, could I please have a working step-by-step guide? Because clearly the guides I tried didn't work.

Is documented here, how to set up a new theme and config and what format is:

Okay. I imagine "Animation type" is what I'm after (I think (idk. this page isn't very specific on changing the spinner)). But how do I go about modifying an existing theme? I don't want to create one from scratch, I just want to change that spinner.

Each theme is in /usr/lib/firmware/bootsplash-themes/theme_name and has a "binary" file called bootsplash that i'm not aware to be possible to directly edit, extract nor modify. You have to have the source files of that theme_name then modify the spinner or logo, and then "compile" it to a bootsplash file.
Take for instance this

Those are the source files and then the scripts to pack the files in one bootsplash file.

Got it. Although I did encounter some problems while trying to change it. Firstly, the first alternative gif I tried didn't work for some reason. It might've been because its dimensions weren't identical or because it had too many frames; I don't know. I then tried a gif that was 120x120 (though I might change it), and it took way too long to compile. In I deleted most of the --blob lines, leaving only 0-9 (when I tried compiling before, there were 10 files generated named "throbber00.rgb" through to "throbber09.rgb", presumably the number of gif frames). After that, compiling it was quick, and then I followed the rest of the instructions and it successfully worked. Here's what it looks like for the time being (imagine it spinning):



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