How to change default file manager in Gnome?

I have Manjaro Deepin and added Gnome to it. The problem is that in many situations system runs that abomination that is in deepin instead nautilus. I thought that nautilus is bad and void in options but the file manager in deepin is the absolute low.

I can't set my folder with pictures for wallpapers and many other things are broken because system doesn't use nautifuls. I found many topic how to change default file manager in gnome but they are all outdated and don't show accurate info.

Any ideas how to switch to natutilus? Can't find the proper place in dconf.


Found on arch wiki:

To solve this, open Files, right-click on a folder, and choose Open With Other Application > Files > Select. This will set the association for directories back to Files.

Unfortunately, some things are still opening deepin manager, so the problem is not solved.


You have to do the same as advised in all categories not just one or you could try to uninstall it

I have a very similar question: I'm running Gnome 3.22 but find Nautilus too bare-bones. So I installed Nemo from the repos. But I can't find anything to let me select Nemo as the default. So if I start Nemo, fine. But whenever there's any occassion on which the system decides what to open a folder with, it's always Nautilus. How do I change that default in Gnome?



in ~/.config/mimeapps.list


right click file/folder click properties open with change to nemo make default also change nemo to default in settings i don't know where off hand but its default applications in with user system info. sorry to be vaque not on gnome

Does this file works only for gnome-session or is used by other DEs too? I am using primarly plasma and if this file works for it too (which I suspect it does), then I can't change it, because I want my plasma desktop to work well too.

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Couldn't do it, because I didn't understand what you meant by "in all categories". What categories? In file manager?

Read the following completely, maybe this gonna help you.

Xdg Standard

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Sorry, but you have a strange way of wording. Being not native English speaker, I have troubles to understand what you really say, I can only suspect.

In gnome there is no option to make a program default. There is a box to mark on plasma, but not on gnome, so I am not sure what you mean here. No way of doing the same would change the thing. I can only open a directory with a chosen program and that's all that gnomes allows. No options to set default file manager from gnome settings.

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Right click on the folder, click open with, and change to what you want it will then default, but you may have to do the same for other categories music, photo, etc also dconf-editor can if not already should be installed and caja or whatever can be then made default.

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Nothing is working. When I change mimelist, after triggering the opening of a file manager, it opens a deepin file manager and mimelist file gets automatically rewritten to it. I guess installing deepin and putting gnome to it is not working well. Another way around may work.

My experience is, that it's better to get dedicated gnome install and then add various DEs (even plasma works great that way) but not the other way around - gnome is always not quite right then.

I don't have time for figuring this out, will just reinstall with manjaro gnome. I need it for my old laptop for work. Gnome may be heavier on RAM, but works snappier than plasma on an old laptop with hdd. Although I hate the fact that lately gnome disabled possibility to turn a computer off through a physical button. BIG, BIG MINUS for Gnome! :frowning:

They seem to do a step forward and then few steps backward... Eh....

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That solved exactly everything for me. Thank you very much :slight_smile:


GUYS GUYS GUYS!! If u have manjaro just SIMPLY INSTALL DOLPHIN folder manager and UNINSTALL nautilus !!!

i always wondered how ppl had translucent themes like this

but without kde plasma.

i tried to apply em with Kvantum Theme app but it didnt work 100%.
Then i realised it.s because of Nautilus folder manager.

So now i have a KDE look but with my fav interface , GNOME <3

Really so how did i do this using nautilusScreenshot from 2020-07-24 21-31-47

Or this more translucent nautilus then

Screenshot from 2020-07-24 21-26-18

No KDE required here Just gnome 3.36


I searched forums and didnt find an answer! Not even on Youtube !

thats the ideea! i searched everywhere for a tutorial to make Gnome Nautilus File Manager and Terminal translucent and couldn't find anything ! Except for Dolphin and Konsole, which are from KDE yet work smooth af on Gnome tooScreenshot from 2020-07-25 00-13-42

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There is a fork of gnome's terminal that allows for transparency. Maybe the same situation is with nautilus? Check AUR.

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thank you :* much love <3 <3 <3

Themes from gnome-look the less transparent is Mc-OS Transparent-1.3 terminal is in AUR its gnome terminal transparency
Icons i borrowed from a brand new Arch spin Lazerus,

My Gnome is very customised as you can see a lot can be done to Gnome just like any other desktop
Screenshot from 2020-07-25 07-55-50


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