How to change keyring passwords

I'm not sure how to word the topic/question/title, but I'll elaborate here: My main password is, let's say, 'x', so whenever I'm asked to authenticate, I put in 'x'. But there's a different type of popup that also has a checkbox to store the password in the keyring. When I put my password in there, it doesn't work... It's probably because I already set it to something else before by mistake. So if it's my main password, why doesn't it work here, and if it's cuz I set it to something else by mistake, how to I reset it?

When using gtk (xfce mostly) I used seahorse to manage the keyring.
sudo pacman -S seahorse

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I already have seahorse, but I have no idea how to use it, lol

I don't have seahorse installed but the above comment mentions what they did in seahorse.

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