How to change text shortcuts (copy/paste/select all)?

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last month i switched to Linux version 5.6.12-1-MANJARO with XFCE (from Mac)
and want to change the systemwide shortcuts for text copy/paste, select all, jump word, etc.

Reason: i want to use my alu apple keyboard - ctrl+ .. feels uncomfortable for me on it.

Sorry, if i stole your time with a stupid question.. I searched a few days and did not find an answer..
Thanks in regards!
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Btw.. Linux is awesome <3

Change your system keyboard layout to a Mac layout.

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An external reference with some explanations here

Thanks, guys!!
@linux-aarhus: Keyboard layout is already set to Mac. Does not change my shortcuts. (Maybe i did it wrong..)
@bogdancovaciu: Ill check your link - thanks!

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Sadly no perfect solution found. I don't want to swap keys (Super & Ctrl) - i want to change the text shortcuts.

The problem is there are no "system wide" copy/paste/select shortcuts, each application tends to set their own.

You could get closer in KDE, the keyboard settings are more integrated than XFCE, but even then, you would have to set in a lot of applications as well (if available).

If you want mac shortcuts - using a mac keyboard - you should use macOS

There is no system wide setting for it. AS @xircon points out - it is depending on the implementation of the application in question.

For example Ctrl+C in a terminal is usually sending a stop signal so copying text is done using Shift+Ctrl+C.

That's supricing for me - thought it would be a simple x11 or xfce .conf thing.
"..there is no.." helps me a lot.
So i don't have to waste time searching for a solution.

Thanks guys!
Best wishes,


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