How to check what is being sent and receive on my system over internet?

Thirst thing that came to my mint is netstat. Second is nmap.
I'm not sure if those programs are good for that. My guess is that with nmap I can do almost everytung.

What I would like to check is (firefox as an example)

  • If I don't run firefox is it sending or receiving something and if yes then what it is?
  • If I run firefox and not use it. Let's say browser is open in background and I use libreoffice.
  • And last case. After system boot and user login. If I don't do anything. Do not run any software (exept for terminal or gui software for net monitoring). I would like to know if there is any process or program that is using network connection in the background

I use Wireshark, why? It exists on Linux, macOS, Win10, has support for scripts like lua scripts, geolocation of ip addresses etc..

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