How to connect to wired internet?

I just installed manjaro linux without a DE

Okay I know I'll be here asking for help anytime soon but still went with it as now I have a new PC on which I can run windows, so the old PC can be a lab rat for me to use linux and bug around.

Since this installation doesnt have any DE, I have to set the internet myself i guess..
Normally, I would have to go to a website like to login to my account so that I can use the internet....

how do I go about this? o.o

What did you use to install? Manjaro Architect?

You should just be able to plug in your ethernet from a switch (or the switch built into the router) and it should work right away.

If you need to login through a portal, you will need to have a web browser. Most web browser require a graphical environment of some sort.

But there are CLI browsers like Links:

This does not help you at all though, since you will need internet connection to download them. :slight_smile:

@Strit o... so im stuck I guess? >.<
but there is definitely a possibility of connecting to a WIFI though right?

Like if I setup a wifi router, and then just logged into my internet portal via my laptop (which uses windows) so then, I will be able to connect right?

Yes I used Manjaro Architect :3

How did you get connection through Manjaro Architect ISO?

@Strit Since it was running on windows earlier, I logged into my windows system and then connected to the internet. Now the internet will reset if I unplug the ethernet jack. In this case I left the jack plugged and restarted and booted into manjaro architect. :smiley:

But soon I had to reconnect the jack to my laptop to check up on the tutorial posted here on how to use manjaro architect (I was following it)

So lost the internet again :frowning: Now I cant go back to windows RIP....

I might wanna try to dual boot windows 10 and manjaro linux without DE tomorrow. I have no idea how that goes but I'm thinking it'll only be confusing around partitioning and then everything is just following that guide...

From what I remember Lynx is the only one that can do cookies which is important to think about in some cases. On the other hand I have not looked at the others for a couple years now.

@anika200 oo but I cant install it anyways lol rip

hahaha, well that does not help. :roll_eyes:

Why don't you use a Live GUI version instead of MA and then you will have a browser etc...

I have never heard of this happening before o o"

The only place I encounter this is from Hotels or Motels type situation.

Sure you can! On Windows, go to Manjaro repo, find the package you need, download it. Put it on a usb stick, and install into Manjaro.

lol anyways I tried to replug and install lynx

I got a series of errors saying that it can't resolve hosts...

pretty weird though, Im able to search with pacman -S lynx and i get 2 packages listed....
and when I try to install it, I get the amount to be downloaded and the amount that will be extracted onto pc too...


That is because when you installed Manjaro, it already ran sudo pacman -Syy. It has all of the files from the repo listed for you in a file on your computer. So you are able to look through all of the packages available offline. Though you have to run sudo pacman -Syy again to check for updated/new packages.

@realmain Ah I see :open_mouth:

You can boot a normal live USB like Manjaro Xfce, connect with Firefox to your portal and launch manjaro-architect in the terminal.

Of course, you can investigate how that portal works and if you can connect to it with NetworkManager or other command line tools. The connection could be PPPoE or sth. like that. Ask your internet provider how to connect via Linux command line - I would like to see their face! :rofl:


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