How to delete Manjaro xfce and install windows 10?

was intended to be run from a running Manjaro system not from the grub prompt. I assumed you still had one.

I moved the usb up and saved and exited but it won't boot into usb I just get booted into manjari

Are you sure you have functioning Windows Installation Media? If positive, I have no idea then why it is not booting from that. Perhaps others know what is going on.

I used woeusb to create flash usb

If you have another bootable usb, try and see if that will boot up.
If you have access to another computer, try your W.I.M. on that and see if it boots.

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Other laptop is recognising the usb but not mine

Is there any command to boot from usb directly?

I am afraid I am running out of ideas. Try other USB ports and see if it works. Otherwise I don't know what else to do.

This works for manjaro too?(

I cannot tell for sure. By the looks of it, it could. No harm in testing.

No command, it's a firmware/bios feature. If you're 100% sure you created the windows USB correctly - you say you can see it on another computer. . . there should be a "restore to factory" or "reset firmware" setting. I've used it a number of times so I don't end up with a bunch of nonsense after distro hopping.

If you reset your firmware, it will go back to thinking you're "windows only again." You should then be able to either turn on and it will find your windows restore usb, or if it flags your HD as "non-windows" or broken since it's not the correct format, you can once again, move USB to boot priority 1.

If you did that and your Windows USB is improperly made. . . well. Then you'll be knocking on your neighbors door. But there's no command to boot to USB directly, except to move it up in the boot order. It sounds like you've already done this though, and it should have worked regardless just from moving the USB to boot priority anyway. More than likely, the USB was not created as bootable, and you probably just put "windows" on it.

If you need to give it another shot, you can download Windows 10 iso. If your computer shipped with Windows 10, you won't need a product code as the Windows ID is embedded in your hardware (if it doesn't recognize it, you can open your computer and it is printed on your motherboard.) If it shipped Win7 originally, you can verify it with the sticker on your computer.

Good luck and here's the (US-English) iso:

My problem is this? can you explain please?

I am sorry, I am in no better position than yourself regarding this. I have never tried those methods before, neither do I have the possibility to do so. I just look at the steps described in the first link you posted and it seemed to be worth a try.

No problem thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Don't mention it! I wish I could be of more help! Perhaps others with more experience will come along to help you out. Best wishes!

Try a Windows forum.

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The only other suggestion I would have is to load your Windows iso into a VM, then use the proper Windows creation tool to create the USB.

From the issue you're describing, I'm almost positive you're not creating a proper bootable USB. Also, I would use Windows 10 not 7 since it's not supported any longer.

Solved by following this guide (

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