How to delete Manjaro xfce and install windows 10?

I am sorry, I am in no better position than yourself regarding this. I have never tried those methods before, neither do I have the possibility to do so. I just look at the steps described in the first link you posted and it seemed to be worth a try.

No problem thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Don't mention it! I wish I could be of more help! Perhaps others with more experience will come along to help you out. Best wishes!

Try a Windows forum.

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The only other suggestion I would have is to load your Windows iso into a VM, then use the proper Windows creation tool to create the USB.

From the issue you're describing, I'm almost positive you're not creating a proper bootable USB. Also, I would use Windows 10 not 7 since it's not supported any longer.

Solved by following this guide (

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That's graet! Congrats!
Thank you for coming back and sharing the info!

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