How to disable ALL logs except system ones?

Search forum, use search engine, put some effort into it.

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Hi lojze,

I always do research and use search engine before posting anytime. In fact, I like to solve issues myself and if I post it, it really means I couldn't find a solution.

I really didn't expect that so many people will be upset by a fact that a new starter is asking questions in Newbie section. I won't post anything I guess. Thanks anyway.

Hi lagagnon,

Thanks for the info.

This is my personal preference. For example, some people like using private browsing and therefore hide their browsing history, etc, even if they visit normal websites. Some others do not even use cloud services even though they don't store sensitive data there. So everyone is different and has different needs.

Even though I am not expecting someone to hack my PC nor I do something that is dodgy, but I don't really like having, for example, the list of music, videos or console commands stored in my PC. Or list of recent files in a specific app, etc. I would prefer to have a "private browsing experience" on my PC.

Hope this answers the question.

Thanks for your reply!

that should of been your first move. and dont take what i said as hostility but any linux distro or any other OS for that matter does require the user to research easy to find solutions, such as FAQ's and how to's but they are useless if the end user never even tries to use them before saying "screw it, i'll just post in the forum and wait for a solution to come to me" .
you do realize the manjaro team are volunteers, right? same goes for anyone on this forum that your asking for help but your not even willing to help yourself.

the level of assistance you can get here on the forum is great given the person being helped will at least have put in some of his/her/it's own time first.

the way your acting is if you are the very first new user that manjaro has ever had, your not. if your having these issues wouldnt you think that maybe many others before you may of had the same ones and the solutions easily found in forum/wiki search?

you may not know this yet but you are in fact a Help Vampire
but its not too late to turn it around.

Hi dglt,

You posted a few times already and each of your post is about "polite insulting". If you care about forum flooding so much why are you posting so much about nothing? If you don't want / cannot help then maybe you could safe my and your time on something else rather that posting the same thing and having people read and reply?

I already told a few times that I always do a research before posting and if I posted this it means I spent time and didn't find an answer. Again, I always do a research before posting. Hope this makes sense. Thanks.

my intention is not to shun newcomers, considering i am one as of 6 months ago to linux all together. and manjaro is very friendly to newcomers, hand holding not included. i responded to you in the way i did because in less than an hour you created 4 help threads, and in each of them:

so read, and also read this:

and btw, this IS me helping you.

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Considering I am supposed to be an old wise man, I have to say a wise thing..

Please show respect to the elders (in general). Showing respect to the elders makes you look respectful.

This forum is well known for the friendliness and if any of the oldies/elders here over-react, it would be better to let the rest of the oldies/elders put them in order. It works fine until now, so just keep things simple.. :relaxed:

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I put this page in the wiki ages ago, updated it some:

It should give whoever is interested in the journal some useful info'.

Plus, it has a whole lot of info' about using a different method & controlling that method.

I don't know what Manjaro uses now, as I don't use it anymore. I do remember philm being interested in what I'd come up with, but, as I say, these days, I dunno...

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Perhaps your idea of a thorough search is different than most others. I personally spend weeks trying to solve an issue before even considering creating a forum thread. I have been a Manjaro forum member for 10 months and I average less than 3 posts a month. Most of those threads are not help requests, only a couple of those were requests for assistance.

So obviously you have a different standard of what requires assistance than many others who post here.


Hi petsam,

Asking questions in forum is not a gesture of disrespect. However, welcoming new users in such a manner like they all are clever and we are idiots is most certanly not only the best way of meeting new people but also looks and sounds stupid. I honestly believe that these people do not truly represent this forum.

From the side this looks like they are trying to self-realise on something. If they are so clever and know the answer, what stops them to answer the question, rather than repeat the same thing again and again and wasting time? So, repeating the same thing is normal on this forum but asking questions is not?

Their answers simply shows that they have absolutely no clue on the solution and posting just to post. A knowledgeable person will post the solution, a time waster will just post to post because they have no answer, especially when nobody forced them to answer.

If there are elders in this forum then its even worse most as no one seems to do anything with this. And, sorry, I am not posting in North Korean newspaper to stay quite and apologise when someone doesn't show a respect. Its not a cult, its a forum of users who are looking for answers.

You dont even know my age. I might be 80 years old man who doesn't know much about IT but wants to use Linux as someone installed Linux on my machine and assured Linux is a mature OS for everyone and that the community is always happy to help. So, you suggest an 80 years old man spend X hours on the web digging technical information and listening how stupid he is that he doesnt know how to do a research? Is this what you guys call a community? If so, then I am definately in a wrong place.

Tbg, maybe you have time to spend weeks on a solution, but my understanding is that forums are for people to help each other. If you have that much time it doesnt mean that everyone else have it too. If I will spend weeks on each issue then it will take a lifetime to just configure the OS. Maybe its good for some people who do not value their time (or have nothing else to do) but for an average person spending few weeks on a research just to solve a small thing in OS that works flawlessly in other OS is just crazy. If this is the case, then Linux is definately not for everyone!

Thanks a lot, handy! Very useful!

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I am not alking about spending weeks to find a simple configuration option within your Settings Control Panel. That's just a matter of playing with the options to see what they do. Plasma has ton of tweaks, why don't you spend some effort to learn your OS. When I speak of weeks researching an issue I am talking about a difficult technical issue, not how to play with your plasma Config settings.

Neither myself nor anyone else is accusing you of being stupid. Lazy is more what I think I'd classify users such as yourself. IMO the forums reason for being is to help users find solutions to difficult technical issues, not issues such as "how do I change my wallpaper".

There is a term for this type of behaviour regarding constant help requests of a trivial nature.

The Help Vampire: A Spotter's Guide:

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a couple of my posts were a bit condescending as i figured you for a troll, for that sorry.
as for the rest, i meant every word.

i dont greet new users the way i did you because i have not seen one make 4 threads in less than an hour, especially ones about disabling all logs. IF you disable your logs, dont expect much help with anything in the future as those logs are going to be needed to see whats going wrong.

this forum is incredibly helpful with answering questions that cant be answered with a good attempt to find your own solution first. making a thread as soon as you notice something wrong with KDE is going to produce alot of threads, i have both manjaro kde and gnome installed separately and gnome is by far easier for newcomers that wont want to spend alot of time customizing and all of the issues that could arise from doing so.

north korea? reallly? bit extreme no? that would make you one of like 4 people there that even have internet :smirk:

yes, a great one at that. if everyone depended solely on others to answer their questions, who would answer the questions? how does this benefit anyone?

and your right about me not knowing exactly how to fix your issues, nor did i even bother to try. i like helping people as i see it as contributing to the manjaro community and the same time i benefit from it also by learning things i didnt know previously. but like most people, i do like the person that needs help to acually at least try to figure it out on their own first. e.g forum search,manjaro and arch wiki's, google,duck duck go, kde docs/forums.

if you look at the majority of threads that provide the necessary info and what they tried to do to fix it , you will see that it is rare for the post to even make it 5-10 minutes without someone replying thats willing to help.

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You may run but you can't hide.. your age, my friend :sweat_smile:. But don't worry, we value the same olders and youngsters as yourself.
I admire your shown personality, as being so eager of learning and so quickly evolving. You remind me of my own kids!
I feel that the whole misunderstanding about your attitude is that you are too capable for the rest of us to reach and this is something this forum is not so used to. I wish you could be around, even after solving your queries, to contribute back a little.
As for the forum role on support, it cannot be dictated by a newbie as yourself (no offense, you self assigned the title). Each people do what they can, since they can't do what they can't. :wink:

Lastly, let me tell you a secret.. several (if not lots of) people here like to hang around, BECAUSE they have nothing to do (unemployed, fired, retired..) AND it's a very nice and fun place to spend your free time. In the meantime, you learn things, even if you don't care, and eventually sometimes help others, which is really awesome and paying back.

I would gladly try help you with any issues, and if you are in a hurry, feel free to PM me.
Have fun! !

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Hi petsam,

I have children too so far from being a youngster, but thanks for the compliment.

This is easy: one person is asking questions, others reply or not reply - it is their choice. No one is forcing them to reply nor anyone is dictating them (if you see that from my posts, then please point me there). And, as a general rule, the person who doesn't know the answer will not waste their time (until they have nothing else to do in their life) to post off-topic replies about nothing. We need to concentrate on the problem not on the person. The people who are shouting that they are volunteers here - no one forced you to reply! If you don't want, then don't! But if you decided to reply, please don't cry that you are volunteers - it is your choice, not mine.

Also, there are no rules in the forum forbidding people to ask a few different questions on the same time. Some people here seem to be very upset with the fact that I asked a few questions in 1 hour but they really need to escape their mental cage and think outside of the box before trying to post hilarious nonsense and accuse someone in something.

When people are talking about trolling whilst they are trolling themselves (posting useless replies and accusing people from being lazy, etc) this really does look pity, silly and stupid. I appreciate that you confirmed there are many people in this forum that have nothing else to do in their life, but it doesn't mean they can troll and waste everyone else's valuable time (time is money, by the way).

I do, however, understand that they want to self-establish somehow or maybe get a relief as someone else told them the same thing in the past. In both cases I am sorry for them and wish them a quick spiritual recovery.

I don't want to waste my valuable time on them anymore - god bless. I wish them every success and sincerely sorry for them. My time is much, much, much more valuable than their nonsense.

I've got some good replies from different members who were concentrating on the issues I posted and tried to help instead of wasting our valuable time. This is what I call community and help. Timewasters from this thread need to take an example from that people and learn some good manners instead of trolling. I sincerely hope they will be successful in this task.

Gotta run now - life is calling!

Wish you a great day, petsam!

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I don't like to say the last word, so this is not for my ego. Regretfully you concentrated a lot of attention and your words are really harsh and disrespectful, not to the users per sé, but to human dignity.

This is a great mistake lots of people do today.
Humans deserve respect. People are more important than money. Be ware of this, as you have to pass it along to the new generation. It's your and everybody's duty. Please, pause for some time and step back.

Let me share one more of my secret wisdom.
A grownup or adult is not defined by the number of years lived, but from the willingness to admit his wrongs, the ability to forgive and the fluency of giving to others without expecting for return.
Be well!!


I will make one last attempt to get across to new users how things work in the Linux community. The forum is here for the benefit of all, but it is expected that the forum is not to be relied upon to solve issues of a trivial nature that can easily be solved with a forum or internet search.

The easiest way to explain this is by comparing the forum to 911. The forum (as 911) should not be flooded with issues that are of a minor nature. How would you like it if you had an actual emergency and all 911 operators were busy handling calls from people who's cat was stuck up a tree.

Think of the forum as 911, and you will never get replies of a negative nature. If you are getting negative replies on any thread you have created, chances are you are abusing the goodwill of the Manjaro community.


i guess all the majaro/arch wiki's could just be erased and replaced with "create a thread, we are here to serve your every need" . wonder what those fools were thinking wasting all that time clogging up space with that "blah blah blah....., heres a step by step....., if this does not work fix like this....., this is how you..." nonsense!! and whats this goggle ducky go thing i keep hearing mentioned everywhere??? :smirk:

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I wish @wongs was here...

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