How to disable the "display of the manufacturer logo" during boot?

In the latest KDE beta 18.9 development release there is a new feature: "we added a feature to display the manufacturer logo of your UEFI-BIOS thru-out the boot process". This is enabled by default after a fresh install. I don't like this, how to disable it?

I have a UEFI-Option "Quietboot". If I deactivate this, I have no logo during the boot-process. Perhaps that works with the manjaro-boot-process?

And then please explain how to set the UEFI-Option "Quietboot"?

Access your UEFI/BIOS during boot. Search for the option. It can be named different on your computer. The UEFI of my laptop calls it Quietboot. My Desktop-PC has the option "Show Logo during POST/Boot".

Depends on your UEFI, if this option exists and how it is called.

Don't think the setting is in the BIOS. This is a new feature added by the Manjaro team.

sudo grub-editenv - unset menu_auto_hide


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