How to disable thumbnails with file preview for .odt

I've noticed that the .docx files I hardly ever use display as beautiful icons, while the .odt as ugly previews. How could I force the .odt to appear as icons too?

Hi. AFAIK Thunar uses tumbler for thumbnails:
Follow instructions from above link to make your local config file and edit it:


Also you need to uninstall libgsf package which also provides .odt thumbnails.

After that you need to logout/login so that new config was used. Some old thumbnails might remain for some time, but not for long.

EDIT. Just uninstalling libgsf seems to do the trick. Configuration file editing is not needed.
EDIT 2. You can remove old thumbnails at ~/.thumbnails and ~/.cache/thumbnails.


Thank you, @kainonergon. Uninstalling libgsf and removing ~/.cache/thumbnails solved it. Now it looks great!

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