How to edit Cinnamon launcher?

I'm tackling the problem of Opera Browser not opening Maximized. I read that I have to change a command line in the Launcher. How do I open the Launcher to make the change?

Manjaro Cinnamon and using Plank.



The way to edit that depends on where you want to start the application from.

If you want to edit the behavior of launchers in the Cinnamon menu, you can do so with the following steps:

  • Right-click on the menu in the panel
  • Click on "Configure"
  • On the new window that appears, click on "Menu", then on "Open the menu editor".
  • In the menu editor, select which entry you want to modify, then click on "Properties".
  • Edit the "Command" field to add the option that you want to add to the command.

Here's an example with Opera, I added the --start-maximized option so it launches maximized by default.


Note: This will only modify the entry for your user, it won't be system-wide (i.e. for every users).

For panel launchers, you can edit their properties by right-clicking on the one that you want to edit > Edit. It will show you a window similar to the one above, and you edit the Command field the same way as above to add options you want to use.

For launchers on the desktop, I'm afraid you will have to edit the launcher (which is a .desktop file, the extension is not always shown) by hand with a text editor like Xed (GUI) or nano (CLI) and modify the Exec= parameter. I do not know if there a nice GUI tool to do that.

As for Plank, unfortunately, I don't know that software because I simply don't use it. I only know that you can edit the configuration of Plank with Ctrl+Right click on the dock > Preferences according to the Arch Wiki, but that's about it.

Hope it does help.

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Thanks Frog... that helps a ton. And nice to hear from you.

No problem. Mark it as solved if it answered your question.

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