[How To] Fix new Manjaro branded Pinebook Pro not booting due to eMMC switch

Yesterday I received the newest round of Manjaro branded Pinebook Pros shipped straight from Hong Kong - awesome!

Except it wouldn't boot out of the box, just a black screen :astonished: Some digging around online led me to discover that some Pinebooks have their eMMC module disabled by a hardware switch from the factory, which prevents the device from booting. Changing the switch back to the on position correctly re-enables the eMMC drive which allows the OS to boot properly.

Fixing this requires taking off the back of the laptop to access the eMMC switch (just requires a mini philips screwdriver, and be careful of the attached speakers). Here is the pinebook dissassembly guide, note #24 for the location of the eMMC switch. Simply toggling it on (towards the back / hinge) fixes this and allows the laptop to boot normally.

I also created a short YouTube clip showing how to fix this issue: https://youtu.be/LWbncyt6xfg. Hopefully it helps others, since I had a little bit of trouble finding the eMMC switch at first!


That was a quick video. Thank you for the video, it will definitely help some users who might face the same issue.

I hope it is able to boot now after enabling the emmc from the switch.


Sure, happy to help!

And yep, after enabling the switch, the Pinebook booted just fine :+1: Manjaro KDE works great on it!

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