How to generate .MTREE of local files and folders manually?

Hello! I like to build my special Manjaro OS by using the fascinating manjaro-tools.
But I want to customize it deeply, adding my favorite themes, wallpapers, and default settings to DE, also adding new plugins, tools and themes to applications.
To do this i have to modify packages . Before I just made changes to the files and directories directly to desktopfs and rootfs before compressing these filesystems after building the profile, but now i understand this is not a good workflow, because the information of pacman for each package ( in /var/lib/pacman/local) goes wrong and doesn't get updated.
So, now i want to modify some packages that are part of the official repositories.
I don't want to build packages from source, just extracting the package tarball, modify the package base. So the step i want to learn now is generating manually .MTREE and .PKGINFO files, no need to rebuild the package from scratch, no need to download the source code and compile it, just modify the package base. Pacman has got an automated way that generate these files. What can i do? Which is the command i should type from the command-line ( or Terminal) ? Thanks!

Are you sure? Most of the manjaro customizations are done by adding custom theme packages with the original packages as dependencies instead of actually creating new packages. It depends what you are trying to do specifically though.

Those files are created by the act of building the package.

I am not aware of a way to only generate those files. Maybe someone else will know of one.

I suppose you could make a PKGBUILD which downloaded the Manjaro package, extracted it, made the changes you wanted and then used that as the source for the new package.

That seems much more complicated and far less clean than just rebuilding the package from source with your changes though.

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