How to get NetFlix working natively on Manjaro

Today I got Netflix to work at my first try, when in the past this was a pain, now is a simple task.

Install chromium-widevine from the aur.
Install python-jade-application-kit from the repos.

jak-cli --url --title NETFLIX --online true

Voilà all Done, press F11 for fullscreen experience, Enjoy.



You know ... could just package this as 'manjaro-netflix' or 'jade-netflix' or 'webdad-netflix'. :slight_smile:
It seems pretty trivial to set up .. but a package is how more folks would more easily consume it.

[btw - does this mean you got 1080p, etc working too?]

We would have to package widevine, not sure about the license on that, also has to be approved by @philm

1080 should work, maybe change in the settings from auto to full.

Oh sure - but it can always at least start in the AUR (especially if you skipped the manjaro branding) ... or stay there if the licensing stuff is a thing.

just a thought.

in any case - nice job :+1:

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ahm ... My rountine always was:

  1. Open Firefox
  2. go to
  3. Enjoy.

Firefox is preinstalled and includes a widevine plugin.


but doesnt that still keep capped to 720 ?

how does one check that? I always watch in a window on a secondary 1440p screen, for me it looks sharp

This way is more like a native app ish. without electron.

I think this is the way:
[if you are using chrom* you can use ctrl+shift+alt+s, but I dont know it for firefox]

Edit - when I was ggling around for some info I stumbled upon this very odd image for chromium:

Its a chrome plugin to run IE engine, mainly for web developers.

I see. Still odd that G uses that as the icon for the chromium browser...

Probably made by the guy that does the plugin and not G, I think it was discontinued now.

Only way I know to get 1080p forced on Linux are from add-ons:

I could implement this or something similar, since JAK already supports custom JavaScript.

I am not sure if is wise to force 1080 playback, if is switched off is for a reason.

There is no good reason. They want you to use Windows & Microsoft Edge to get the best resolution. Probably getting paid to do so.

Even the big magazines use phrases like 'the seemingly arbitrary decision to block 1080p..'

As to the plugin @codesardine - I am not familiar - but it enables 1080p when you have set the relevant 'full' or 'auto' settings, right? not just force 1080p all the time for everyone, right?

I could be wrong, but I think all the plugin does is injects a manifest of another browser so that Netflix can be ran at 1080p.

I would have to look in to it :man_shrugging:

Looking into to that link the reason seems to be the inability to detect Linux graphic cards, and provide the best experience, I might be wrong

Corporate lies :wink:

Theyve said multiple things over time - one of my favorites was something along the lines of 'linux is a hacker OS and we dont want piracy'

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