How to get NetFlix working natively on Manjaro

Its a chrome plugin to run IE engine, mainly for web developers.

I see. Still odd that G uses that as the icon for the chromium browser...

Probably made by the guy that does the plugin and not G, I think it was discontinued now.

Only way I know to get 1080p forced on Linux are from add-ons:

I could implement this or something similar, since JAK already supports custom JavaScript.

I am not sure if is wise to force 1080 playback, if is switched off is for a reason.

There is no good reason. They want you to use Windows & Microsoft Edge to get the best resolution. Probably getting paid to do so.

Even the big magazines use phrases like 'the seemingly arbitrary decision to block 1080p..'

As to the plugin @codesardine - I am not familiar - but it enables 1080p when you have set the relevant 'full' or 'auto' settings, right? not just force 1080p all the time for everyone, right?

I could be wrong, but I think all the plugin does is injects a manifest of another browser so that Netflix can be ran at 1080p.

I would have to look in to it :man_shrugging:

Looking into to that link the reason seems to be the inability to detect Linux graphic cards, and provide the best experience, I might be wrong

Corporate lies :wink:

Theyve said multiple things over time - one of my favorites was something along the lines of 'linux is a hacker OS and we dont want piracy'

"We can't see what you have, so we won't let you max out your usage. Here is a nerfed video for you."

It's like saying a game can't detect your graphics, so you're not allowed to change the settings.

That is understandable, back when PlayStation had linux, someone manage a way to play copy games, and Linux for PlayStation was over.

Just going to say that Netflix has become a pioneer in advancing open source in the video industry, and is thanks to them that we have video playback based on HTML5 and DRM, that's how it works on firefox and other browsers.

Although, no one likes DRM, is better than no playback or depending on Silverlight plugins.

@realmain, When you run a game the game has direct access to your computer.

There is also the issue of proprietary video formats anyway, things are getting better every day as we become less neglected.

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Maybe they limited to 720p because they're afraid to be taxed if they use more than 50% of all internet traffic?
(and if they contribute more to climate change than planes?)

You might try different user agent from supported browsers that do 1080, did not work for me my connection is slow.

--user_agent "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML like Gecko) Chrome/51.0.2704.79 Safari/537.36 Edge/14.14931"

Oh, I dont have a netflix account... no trying here :laughing:

You can check the netflix quality with this:

from what i've gathered in my many fruitless attempts to make 1080p work, there were more than a few plugins that faked the user agent but that stopped working a while back, i dont even know where to begin to figure out how the netflix plugin works because it has no effect on other streaming services like amazon prime video and hulu, hbo.

i've spent a good few hours just just today trying to get chromium os to run in a vm only to find out i cant even get it to work in a decent resolution without installing vmware tools but how does one do that with chromium os. wont run for me on vbox/gnome-boxes/virtmanager. anyway, point being it allows you to install the proprietary junk in chromium (browser) so 1080p works for everything without plugins but google works very hard to keep full hd playback from working on linux.

i really like your one-liner for netflix btw, great stuff :+1:

I stream NF pretty much every night, have done for years. Works just fine for me nowadays in Vivaldi-Stable, Vivaldi-Snapshot [both from herecura repo], Chromium, Firefox, Firefox-Dev.Ed. No dramas experienced in getting here... which is a nice change from how it used to be years ago when i had to use a fragile workaround provided by Pipelight.

im only able to get 720p@30fps but i still really like how simple it is and actually works without tinkering with widevine. (or does it in it's own way?) either way, me like.

this is season 2, episode 8 of "Test Patterns" :rofl: 1080p@60fps

jak-cli --url "" --title NETFLIX --online true 

although, with vivaldi/netflix plugin im only able to get 1080p@30fps :man_shrugging:.

for now, it's back to the land of kodi, the only way i'm able to watch the other services in 1080p.

btw, there happens to be 4 seasons of "Test Patterns", i cant wait for season 5.

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