How to get NetFlix working natively on Manjaro

from what i've gathered in my many fruitless attempts to make 1080p work, there were more than a few plugins that faked the user agent but that stopped working a while back, i dont even know where to begin to figure out how the netflix plugin works because it has no effect on other streaming services like amazon prime video and hulu, hbo.

i've spent a good few hours just just today trying to get chromium os to run in a vm only to find out i cant even get it to work in a decent resolution without installing vmware tools but how does one do that with chromium os. wont run for me on vbox/gnome-boxes/virtmanager. anyway, point being it allows you to install the proprietary junk in chromium (browser) so 1080p works for everything without plugins but google works very hard to keep full hd playback from working on linux.

i really like your one-liner for netflix btw, great stuff :+1:

I stream NF pretty much every night, have done for years. Works just fine for me nowadays in Vivaldi-Stable, Vivaldi-Snapshot [both from herecura repo], Chromium, Firefox, Firefox-Dev.Ed. No dramas experienced in getting here... which is a nice change from how it used to be years ago when i had to use a fragile workaround provided by Pipelight.

im only able to get 720p@30fps but i still really like how simple it is and actually works without tinkering with widevine. (or does it in it's own way?) either way, me like.

this is season 2, episode 8 of "Test Patterns" :rofl: 1080p@60fps

jak-cli --url "" --title NETFLIX --online true 

although, with vivaldi/netflix plugin im only able to get 1080p@30fps :man_shrugging:.

for now, it's back to the land of kodi, the only way i'm able to watch the other services in 1080p.

btw, there happens to be 4 seasons of "Test Patterns", i cant wait for season 5.

To be honest I was ready to do some coding to support Netflix, Was reading about DRM and chromium plugins, to my surprise it work out of the box after installing widevine, I wrap it up and made a post, my job is done, for now.

just a minute ago i managed to get the dev edge/chromium for windows 7 running in wine. time to play around and see if i can get 1080@60fps.

this browser is suppose to be the only 4k supported browser iirc. time to play

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finally i have full hd 1080p video.
microsoft edge preview
wine-staging 4.11
amazon prime video

latest linux vivaldi-stable:
no HD

just search this in add ons in firefox or google-chrome ultrawide video it works really well

that extension changes the aspect ratio but the quality is the same. the issue with linux and streaming services is because of so called lack of drm which is crap. most streaming services actively block full hd video unless you use windows/mac/chrome os. thats why this issue is a pain in the arse but now that i have microsoft edge preview running on wine everything's all good. (for now at least)

netflix, hulu, and prime are all full hd as if i was watching it from windows. :star_struck:

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@dgit that is working fine for me on manjaro xfce and ants and yours kde deepin on firefox and google-chrome on a new lg 34 inch ultra widescreen 2560x1080 resolution the pivture is beautifull i will post a picture/screenshot

with netflix sure, using a plugin to trick it but the other services you cant get past 720p

this is a 4k@60fps netflix. try it without plugins and you'll see what i mean

It has to do with DRM drivers, widevine does not support 1080.


fire fox has a DRM check box on manjaro in preferances in general scroll down to find it

well i think ms does not know their new edge runs in wine.
if they know they will make it incompatible.

i wasnt able to get the windows 10 version to work but the windows 7 edge works great so far, though im sure it wont work for too long. i'll cross that bridge when i get to it.

edit: if anyone else tries this, run winecfg first and set wines default to windows 7.

AWESOME :partying_face:

Should we make a gui for jak? Seems like a simple thing to do (except if one wanted to integrate it into the browsers).

It's on the roadmap, something like this, I want to base the UI on HTML and not qt, that is still not ready as I am concentrating more o wrappers, for now.

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Been that way for 2, 3, 4 years now. Welcome to Tomorrowland, pilgrim. :wink: :smiley:

(Why is this not widespread common-knowledge by now?)

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Last time I used it in a browser, did not work, it has been a while, this is a different subject.

5.7, 3 years ago, sounds about right for widevine. We could get it running prior--hackish as all get out--but I disremember the particulars. Or maybe I'm remembering Chrome. I was just going off the title and skimming the other posts. :slight_smile:

I'm getting too friggen old. :frowning: :wink: :smiley:

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