How to get NetFlix working natively on Manjaro

AWESOME :partying_face:

Should we make a gui for jak? Seems like a simple thing to do (except if one wanted to integrate it into the browsers).

It's on the roadmap, something like this, I want to base the UI on HTML and not qt, that is still not ready as I am concentrating more o wrappers, for now.

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Been that way for 2, 3, 4 years now. Welcome to Tomorrowland, pilgrim. :wink: :smiley:

(Why is this not widespread common-knowledge by now?)

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Last time I used it in a browser, did not work, it has been a while, this is a different subject.

5.7, 3 years ago, sounds about right for widevine. We could get it running prior--hackish as all get out--but I disremember the particulars. Or maybe I'm remembering Chrome. I was just going off the title and skimming the other posts. :slight_smile:

I'm getting too friggen old. :frowning: :wink: :smiley:

Unfortunately widevine cannot be redistributed without Chrome :cry:

What does Firefox use to make Netflix work? Can we use that?

Firefox is fine, they have a license obtained from widevine.

Anyone can use widevine, but for redistribution you need a license.

Not entirely true. Ask any alert Vivaldi user how they [successfully] do their NF streaming... & they do so utterly sans-Chrome. In older Viv days it was more messy & serpentine, but these days it's a sheer doddle.

They used a script that downloads chrome and extracts widevine binary, that works but its not the best approach.

Correct, that's what Ruari & co did/do, & it works well.

Hmmm, upon re-reading ypur post, i should not have jumped in here. I replied as if you had alleged that it was unavoidable to have C installed [which in past months/years some people used to incorrectly state]... but of course you said no such thing, given you only remarked on the redistribution not the installation. Sorry.

OK, I understand. Thanks for the illumination. :slight_smile:

Soon we will be able to watch Netflix while, doing other activities.



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