How to hide horizontal line after installing plank (or any other dock) in openbox desktop?

I'v installed plank and there is a horizontal line on my screen . how can I remove it?

as I remember there was an option in xfce's setting called "hide shadows under dock windows" . Is there such option in openbox?

De-select the xfce compositor setting for placing shadows under docks.

I have openbox desktop

You literally use 'xfce' in your title.
Furthermore, you use the title as some sort of sentence to be included in your post.
Please do not do that. Titles are titles. To be looked up, to be found, to categorize.
Your post itself should be fully fleshed out. You know, like, a book without a title is the same book. It would be quite a poor one if I needed the title to define the rest of the text.

This all said, I am not surprised you got 'answers that did not fit'.
Because you need to make questions to suit.

Please also have a look at:

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I usually don't set titles like that . but this time I did ( and I admit it wasn't the best idea)
I did because that option is the answer to my question , but in another desktop environment .
however thanks for reply . I will try to provide good information in my posts

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Its all good friend ... maybe just edit your post so folks can better help :wink:

I did .
by the way sorry for my bad english . manjaro-forum is also like grammer class for me :smile::rofl:

actually after a logout the problem was solved

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