How to identify a package's origin?

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As far as I know the packages that I can install from Pamac can come from Manjaro repositories or Arch Linux repositories. So, how could I identify their origin?

PD: (I'm not talking about AUR).

Look at the "packager field" in the graphical package manager, all packagers email ending with came from Manjaro Team, the others from Arch; mostly but not all use

About AUR builds it will show 'Unkown Packager' by default, or what is specified in makepkg.conf



Or from terminal with

pacman -Qi <packagename>

for installed packages, or

pacman -Si >packagename>

for packages not installed but present in repository


(specified about AUR for future use)


1.000.000 thanks for the tip!! :grin: :grin:

Then, VLC 3.0 probably will take two weeks minimum to reach the stable Manjaro repo.

Thanks for all!! :grin:

That's so much more handy than my method of checking... :sweat_smile: I usually browse through the three manjaro github repos to see if a package is there

Or just run pacman -Qi packagename (or -Si for packages not installed but in repo)

I found that right now

How is to export language in English in terminal? don't remember right now

Do you mean something like LANG=en_US.UTF-8 or LANG=C ?

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Yeah, LANG="en_GB" went fine

Then when you type 'exit' it returns 'cheerio'

That's pretty twisted :wink: :rofl:

yaourt -Ss packagename should work to identify the repo, if it's installed.

That command search both in the repo and in the AUR, but don't identify the packager



Correct, it does not have that info. Just which repo/version and whether it's installed.

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