How to install `Anbox` in Manjaro?

Hey mates!

I'd like to install anbox on my Manjaro system. On the Arch wiki, there are install instructions:

But there's linis:

Note: Anbox on linux kernel >= 5.7.0 requires following steps:

  1. Do not install any Anbox DKMS modules.

  2. Rebuild linux kernel with these options added/modified:

As I'm running currently 5.7.9-1, this would be for me, too.

Do I really need to compile my own kernel? Or is there a more convenient way for Manjaro?

Switch to an older Kernel, like the latest LTS Linux 5.4. It is in the repository.

Keep in mind that Anbox is extremely unstable and usually doesn't work, even if you get it installed. Good luck.

I'd like to stay on the 5.7 kernel, as it's the only one right now with FSYNC enabled AFAIK

Then you have to recompile. You can use the Manjaro linux57 PKGBUILD and the additional files as a starting point.

No i installed anbox successfully already. You just need this:


Whupps... yes for linux57 you need to recompile xD

Thanks for your answers mates!

Guess, for the sake of convenience, I'm not going to try Anbox too soon. Would have been for curiosity alone anyway, fortunately :smiley:

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