How to install google webdesigner


I am pretty new to Manjaro and have just converted from Linux Mint.
In the Linux Mint softwaremanager i was able to find a lot more apps than in Octopi.

What is the best way to install google webdesigner?
Should i use the .deb or the .rpm file, and how can i install it using Octopi or should i use a other method?

Use pamac


Google Webdesigner is in the AUR:

You have to enable AUR support in Octopi to install packages from the AUR - I'm not a KDE user, but I think that you have to install trizen to be able to have AUR support in Octopi.


Correct, if you want to use Octopi for the AUR, you need to install an AUR helper first. I like trizen because simply hitting enter gets me a good default.

sudo pacman -S trizen

Then, go to Octopi. Tools > Options should get you an AUR tab, and you will want to enable it and pick trizen as your AUR helper.

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