How to install Linux with android phone?

Recently I have deleted Windows in favor of Linux, I'm trying to download Manjaro with my phone, I know it sounds stupid but it's a last ditch effort to save my computer (it costs $499) and make it useful without Windows installed.

You may need a USB stick and a software like etcher to create a installation medium.

I have used this application on an Android phone for making bootable usb from an .iso file before and it worked for me. However I have never tried it for burrning a Manjaro .iso to a usb. Might be worth to give it a try but I cannot gurantee anything.


So what do you need to do it?
What browsers are compatible with it?

Is your intention to create a bootable Manjaro USB to install the operative system on your computer?

In that case, plug in a usb into your phone. Launch the app and click on the optiopn for iso. Navigate to the folder where you have saved the iso, choose it and start the burning process.

Browsers? Compatible with what?
I am afraid I do not understand what you mean.

If you download a file with your phone, it should show up in your downloads folder, no matter what phone is used.

Installing linux on your android smartphone is very easy. Just follow these steps and you are done
1 Download Termux to your Android device
2 Run Linux terminal on Android and update package listing
3 Install an app with Termux
This is the process to install linux on android phone.

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