How to install Printer/Scanner Epson XP-7100? [Solved!]

I have no idea how to install this printer properly. It looks like that in the AUR is no driver yet. Epson offers an unofficial rpm or deb file, and now the question marks arise...


You need to install the epson-inkjet-printer-escpr package from the community repo. Once is asking you for the *.ppd file, on CUPS setup, depending is you do it trough USB connection or over network, you point to the file in:
That should make it working.


Thanks a lot. I will give it a try. On my wife's Ubuntu machine and Windows desktop it's no problem. But I am addicted to Manjaro, you know...

Thank you again.
It works. The package "epson-inkjet-printer-escr" (version 1.6.35) is the way to go. The whole installation is so easy that I am ashamed of having asked for help but sometimes... The scanner device works as well, but in my case only "Simplescan"; I have read somewhere that the other scanner app causes trouble. It is important to lower contrast and brightness via "Simplescan" to get a perfect result. Some users complained about a light red colour on the whole scan. Case closed!

Sorry: Thank you, bogdancovaciu. I am in a hurry.

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i just bought the same printer, the print works fine but I cant get a connection to the scanner. can you please tell me what you did to get the scanner to work? I hhave installed the imagescan package driver and network tool from the AUR and have SimpleScan installed.

Thanks in advance

Hello! Sorry, I am late. Had to work a lot.

I installed the following to make it work:

imagescan (Version 3.55)

And I like more: simple-scan.

All from the official repo. Nothing else. Install, reboot and there you are. Works great! Make sure to click "Settings", if you use simple-scan, and then choose "Scanner" to mark your scanner, which should be listed now.


hmm, well, tried all that but still not working for me. It is not a complete disaster, I am scanning from the Epson app on my mobile phone and then transfering the file to the computer using BT, but its not the most efficient way. If you have any further ideas it would be appreciated.

Now I am faster. :slight_smile:

I have realized that the package epson-inkjet-printer-escpr is not in the official repo anymore and I have no idea why. (WHY???????)

Anyway, due to a new installation I reinstalled Gnome (which works best for me). After that image-scan and after that epson-inkjet-escpr from the AUR but just this. Reboot.

All works, really. May I suggest that you uninstall your printer and scanner apps, reboot, install again like I have mentioned? It is just a few minutes.

If this is not working well, try kernel 4.19 LTS or ask someone with more skills than me. Sorry to say.

THanks Mr.J, ill give this a whirl and let you know.

when you say not in the official rep anymore, you mean just in the AUR?

ps: im running on cinnamon at the moment and kernel 4.19 :+1:

It was dropped from Arch to the AUR, and then cycled through Manjaro, starting with Unstable:

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which version of jmage scan are you using? i find 2 in the repo

Imagescan 3.55, community repo, is fine. I have realized that this package is necessary as it looks like to be identical with an Epson scanner driver on the Epson website. Epson-inkjet-printer-escpr can be easily build via pamac (the GUI-software-center) and AUR-support enabled. Afterwards I disabled the AUR. Cheers!

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