How to install software on Manjaro? (for beginners)

The most important thing is to remember that some day you'll have to remove this piece of software that you're going to install, so always use a removal method identical to your installation method so please use the following priority when installing software and KISS:

  • Click on the to open the section of your interest below, click it again to close it.

  • The further down the list you go the more difficult if you're new to Linux/Manjaro

    Add/Remove Software
    • Forget about what you know about downloading and installing from websites all over the place because you now have (and want to keep) a stable system.
    • Just go to your "menu" and look for Add/Remove Software, this is Manjaro's package manager, "pamac"
    • If you don't have it, use one of the methods below to install pamac-gtk
    • It will look like this once you open it up:
    • In the left hand you have categories and you can just browse these and click on the Install button of as many as you like (and have space for)
    • and when you're finished just click the > button in the lower right corner and wait until pamac-manager (as that's its name) does all the heavy lifting for you!
    • Or use the magnifying glass in the upper left corner and search for the crap software you need:
      (Yup! I'm as surprised as you that Manjaro has crap software in its repositories!) :innocent:
    pamac command line
    • If you prefer to install software through the command line, pamac also has command line version. If it isn't installed already, you can install the package pamac-cli
    • To get started, here is how you update your system
      pamac upgrade
    • There! *You've just upgraded all of your software! Congratulations!
    • Some of the more useful pamac commands on top of the one above are:
      pamac list --installed - Lists all your installed software
      pamac install PackageName - Installed the package "PackageName"
      pamac build PackageName - Installs the package "PackageName" from the AUR
      pamac remove PackageName - Remove the package "PackageName"
      pamac remove --orphans - Removes all orphaned packages
      pamac --help
    • For more information see the Manjaro Wiki on pamac
    pacman command line
    Installing manually
    • It is also possible to install packages manually by downloading either source or binaries directly from a website
    • This method is not recommended on Manjaro and almost always causes issues later with the package manager
    • So if you are instructed to download and build from source , first check the AUR regardless of what the developer says!
    • If you must install directly be sure to target your home directory or some other non-system managed path. Never install manual software into a system managed location
    • to enable the AUR, Read The Fine Manual here.

or simply learn how to create packages on manjaro/arch and if you have time... submit your PKGBUILD to AUR for other to profit of your work. :thinking:


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