How to launch installed Thermal Monitor?

Ok, this may sound very silly, but how do I launch Thermal Monitor I just installed? This is my first app installed and I am running a Manjaro installation on the USB (live and persistent, is that what it is called?)


I installed it using the Package Manager, but when I search in the "Start" menu, I don't see it appearing when I type Thermal Monitor. Did I missed a step in completing the install?

I am running KDE version.

This package you installed plugs into the KDE taskbar, right click an empy space on the taskbar and you should see option to add applets, select this applet from the list

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Thank you so much for the quick response. Now I managed to launch the app but somehow it is not working as intended. All it shows is this:


I have tried configuring it, but somehow the whole screen blacks out for a few seconds every time I click "Configure".

I am looking for a real time temperature monitor app / widget, so am open to alternatives.

Also, how did you know that this app plugs into the taskbar and cannot be found in the "Start" menu? How will I tell in the future?

Have a look at psensor.

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Because it's not an "application" but it's a plasma applet (specified in its name and description). Like as if you download a new "window style" or global theme. It's only accessible from its specific purpose.
Or download a gimp plugin.. it will be accessible only in gimp


Thank you, that works just fine. Now that I have installed it, I noticed that my 512GB SSD sensor is missing. Any idea how to get it to work?


Edit: Oh wait, since I am running this off USB, my main 512GB which contains Windows 10 is not mounted. Silly me. Thank you for your suggestion.

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I see, thank you. So the keyword is "applet". Got it. :smile:

You can't configure this widget for the simple reason that's a bug already reported:

I'm not sure if it will be fixed... :roll_eyes:


LOL, no wonder. Thanks.

hopegfully mine is already configured :wink:

Like me!! :smile:

The problem is with new installs... :sweat_smile:

Probably that widget will never get updated. The new applets from plasma have more options.

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