How to make a simple VM for development?


So, I dabble in writing apps for more niche platforms (AVRs, ESP32/8266s, Nintendo console homebrew), but there are times where I don't want to have an entire toolchain installed on my PC for just one project. And often times, there aren't docker containers for the tools I need and use! And when I have used docker, it's a very ethereal workflow, when I'd like something like a traditional VM/terminal. (Maybe something like chroot??)

So, I'm wondering if you guys can suggest something.

Things that would really help:

Able to copy files back and forth easily

Can make images in case I break something

Would be nice if it can use a package manager like pacman.

Basically, something like a Docker container? Can you guys recommend something? :slight_smile:

Take a look at this guide - among other things it describes how you exchange files between the guest and the host using a shared folder on the host.

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