How to make bootable usb of windows in Manjaro?

Title. I don't know how to use dd so if someone can help me.
Thanks in advance

The easy way is to use woeusb. It is in the AUR

Alternatively, you can do it manually:


I second the suggestion to use woeusb. I've used it to create bootable USBs of 10, 7 and XP, and it's worked perfectly every time.

I don't know how to download and use software from github so ... I can't use that

You can install it from AUR.

pamac build woeusb

pamac command was not found

You can install it.

sudo pacman -Syu pamac-cli
pamac build woeusb

thank you very much

I always assumed this was impossible to do on Linux.

If you have UEFI you can unzip the iso and copy the files to the USB drive to make a windows bootable USB. Please note the USB needs to have a GBT partition table and NTFS file system

Edit: @dalto has already said this, well :slight_smile:

Tried but iso failed to unzip

Type in terminal:
cd [iso location] //example: cd downloads

7z x [iso name] //example: 7z x windows_10.iso

If that fails try to mount it than copy the files, and if that fails you may have a corrupted file

Also I think the USB needs to be fat32 and not NTFS. Can't remember which one off the top of my head

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