How to make the Wiki more attractive to the users and so to the developers also?

Its now 13 days before, that I pointed out that the wiki runs on a very old Mediawiki version of the year 2014 which is not longer supported also.

Manjaro wiki:

|PHP| (fpm-fcgi)|

where the Archlinux wiki states:

|MediaWiki|1.33.0 (9777921)|
|PHP|7.3.12 (fpm-fcgi)|
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A newer version 1:1.27.4-3 is available even if the server is on Ubuntu 18.04
Maybe, @philm finds the time to update it.

But as you may see at Mediawiki site - Downloadinfo this would still not actual enough to come back under their umbrella of support. You must install something newer than 1.30.

But, please take a look at Launchpad PPA, there is 1:1.31.5-1ppa1~bionic1 at
there is already a solution waiting for you.

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