how to modify and repack the gitlab package?

hey guys, can someone please help me with the following task?

I would like to download a Github package, modify it, create a Manjaro package from it and then upload it to a repository.

  1. first I cloned the project
    git clone

  2. I edited the files ...

  3. Does anyone have an idea how I can use this data to create a full Manjaro package?
    At first I thought with mkdir build, cd build and cmake ../, but it probably doesn't work!

would appreciate an answer, A.

That topic is probably more than could be answered in a quick forum post but take a look at this:

Also, if you need examples, you can get the PKGBUILD files for any arch package here.

If you still have specific questions after that, feel free to ask.

EDIT: I just realized that is a Manjaro package. There already is a PKGBUILD for it here

You can just download a copy of the PKGBUILD, change the source from gitlab to your local files then run makepkg -i from the directory with the PKGBUILD in it.

Thank you dalto, that helped me a lot!
so the trick was to copy the PKGBUILD in the root folder of the package and edit it for my new package and then to also copy via git remote the whole main folder of my new package to gitlab. After that I had to go via my local Terminal to the root folder of my new package and to run: makepkg :wink:

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