How to protect a smb share with password?

Hello people!

I can't find the solution either here or on the internet.
I want to have access to my share from linux on my macs like I have the other way.

When I connect to a share from mac on my manjaro I just log in with my mac credentials. After that I have full access to shared folder.

I have my share on Manjaro xfce. I can access it from ANY computer on my network without any credentials... When I restrict access (no guest access) - I am unable to log in to it with my manjaro credentials (which works flawlessly the other way - access mac public folder with mac credentials).

How to resolve that?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

From my mac - with password

You need to add the user to your Manjaro configuration - and yes - that means you maintain two distinct access definitions.

Thanks :slight_smile: Will check it :slight_smile:

An example - real life.

I have a NAS which shares both NFS and SMB.

Using SMB I must provide my NAS username:password - it is the same for you.

Using NFS I don't provide anything because the access is treated using IP addresses or hostname.

I was searching in system settings for a way to manage groups and its users and can't find one :confused: On my mac I can. So there was my confusion :confused:

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 15.32.27

This is your client - right?

This has no influence on how you connect to a share.

You need to configure the samba host - assuming it is Manjaro - add the username

Yes - that is my client. What I mean - on my mac I just assign a folder as a share. I can as well manage groups and users out of the box. Without any extra effort. And I was doing that for 12 years. Now my creature comforts are dead since I started using linux :smiley:

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 15.47.05

You could say that.

To manage access restriction you do the same thing - just not from your macBOX.

Just like your mac you need to assign one or more users and specify the access rights.

NFS is really superior to SMB and macOS understands NFS as well as SMB.

There is no one-size-fits-all version of file-sharing - be it NFS or SMB or AFS :slight_smile: which is basically why with any guide you find you will need to adapt to your specific use-case.

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Just so I understand, where are you trying to connect that you need a password? From other boxes to the Linux server running samba or the other way around?

I am trying to connect from all my machines to all my machines. I do not have problems to share from my macOS X to windows or Linux. I do have issues the other way - access a share from linux on my Macs.
I resolved the issue of not having samba installed out of the box. I could`t just click on my Public folder -> properties -> share and I now can access that on other machines. I have to find first that I am missing samba on my linux. I resolved that issue but now I can access that folder without a credential prompt.
I knew that I need to have a group and a user with permissions (I use macOS X since 2008 and was working for 3 years with Active Directory in a corp) - in Manjaro I had to do much more work to setup that.
That is why my creature comforts are killed. I am a spoiled by proprietary OS person. Now I started to use free and opensource resources with a great community behind it and have a lot to overcome to have less comfort and more freedom.

Have you read through this?

Basically, you need to run smbpasswd to create samba users from your Linux user accounts. Then you need to give those users rights to the shares.

@linux-aarhus already shared that with me :slight_smile: Check previous posts

Well, have you done all those things?

That is from the previous exchange.

Not yet. But I will, since now I have the direction. The rest of the conversation was casual since I have something to work with.

Thanks for help mate!
God påske!

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