How to reinstall panel items after accidentally removing

Hello everyone,
I accidentally (it seems) removed from the panel/taskbar my clipman, network monitor and one or two other items that were defaults. I tried to locate the network monitor applet however, the only one that seems to be found under Whisker menu -All is Network Connections. This, when added to the panel in the usual way is not like the previous network applet because it opens up a range of settings but not the most useful (to me) one. I like to (when away from the computer) lock off the internet and the old applet permitted this but I see no way to do that with Network Connections.
Re Clipman, if I manually add it to the panel upon reboot, I get an error message after bootup that says the applet has tried to execute 50 or more times and I can click execute or remove. Execute just keeps cycling the same error message so I then have to use remove. I can add clipman again during a live session, however, upon reboot the error message re-appears. I have performed the latest update(s) and changed kernels as below however, the issue is I think, not related to those actions:
4.11.12-1-rt16-MANJARO #1 SMP PREEMPT RT Tue Oct 17 18:15:30 UTC 2017 x86_64 GNU/Linux

For the network indicator use AppIndicator or System notifications (don't remember, not on PC).
For clipman, I don't know. Someone else may help.

Thanks petsam, however, none of these are found in either the whisker menu or software repos. Re clipman, I grabbed from the software extra a program called GPaste which so far is sticking (haven't rebooted yet). It's a little more elaborate (or so it seems) than the original app I was using but now sadly, can't find :thinking:

Right click on panel Add widget/panel addons, search Notification Plugin (edited to the proper name :face_with_raised_eyebrow: ) .

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Tried that too petsam however the options under add items don't help. For example, the clipman that's in there is the same one as can be found installed on my system and accessable through the whisker menu but as I've described, running that causes complications upon reboot. As far as the Network monitor goes it is something quite different to the original app that I had (and thought was a default one too) and it does not appear to allow one to place a check box for networking (enable/disable).

Well, after more research I see that the applet for networking that I am seeking is Network Manager Applet. Checking software update I see where it is installed so I uninstalled and reinstalled it thinking this would give me back my old applet. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The Networking Manager Applet actually is the only way I can see to check box disconnect the internet. :confounded:

It sound like you have deleted the Notification Area in your panel. Right click on panel -> Panel -> Panel Preferences... -> Items -> + -> Notification Plugin.

Or you may have removed something from your session startup. Settings Manager -> Session and Startup -> Application Autostart. Here you should have nm-applet (Networkmanager), pa-applet (Pulsadio), Clipman...


Not sure if this will help as it originated from Ask Ubuntu for Xfce, but the file paths look the same as in my Manjaro:


No that wasn't the problem robiha but thanks anyway for the suggestion.

lee thank you! This worked. Although, I now have the task of re-locating the panel from top to bottom (my preference) and one or two other minor tweaks. Importantly all those original icons are back. Thanks v m once again.

I assume you know how to do that, but if not, right click the panel > Panel preferences > uncheck Lock Panel in the General tab, and drag it down till it snaps to the edge.

Yes thanks lee I knew how to do that but I am sure your instructions will be of value to someone else at some point. It's not exactly untuitive (how to relocate the task bar) and indeed I had to fiddle a bit before I found the essence was to uncheck Lock Panel.


I'm glad you got your panel back to some kind of normality. If I can help more people, that makes me happy.

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Hello lee, petsam and robiha,

After some more trial and error I ended up finding this more pertinent solution to the problem. Following what lee posted regarding the Ask Ubuntu link, I ended up with a standard xfce menu (not the original menu out of the box from Manjaro). So again, following the link below turns out is the right solution. Thanks everyone.

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