How to remove a keyboard shortcut

I have a keyboard shortcut on that bugging me nonstop cuz I keep pressing it by mistake. It's shift-space. How can I see a list of all keyboard shortcuts that are currently running and shut this one down?
I'm pretty sure the program causing this is UIM, but I may be wrong cuz I looked through all the settings in UIM and couldn't find a shortcut that was filled in shift-space.

On KDE, System Settings>workspace>Shortcuts
and on other DEs also you can find it in settings.

If it's UIM, open uim prefrence, look 'global key bindings'.
Actually, uim use 'shift+space' as on/off key by default.

I have it set as Control+space, so that's not it...

Some uim input methods have their own shortcuts, have you checked that too?


I reinstalled uim from scratch and it stopped doing it, so I'm good now, but that doesn't answer why it was doing it before.

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