How to remove completely Snap, Flatpak and Appimage* from Manjaro?

Is it enough for snap to use sudo pacman -Rscn snapd or there is something else that is related to snapd that should also be removed? A service, process or some other hidden package? I see someone mentioning about apparmor is related to snapd.
I want to remove flatpak as well.
I am not sure about AppImage*, and if there is some package installed to make it "work".

I am aware that unfortunately Manjaro is shipping snap and flatpak... Apparently, everyone is giving in to Canonical's and Red Hat's wishes. Hasn't systemd been enough? :neutral_face:

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Yes, though there may be the snap files themselves left in /var/lib/snap depending on how the package is structured.

You can check the full list of installed files with pacman -Ql snapd

Same thing, -Rncs gets rid of most stuff.


I also do not use any of these, but I feel some points need a little bit of additional information.

AFAIK, only the 18.1 iso series will ship snapd installed by default. Any older has snapd not installed by default. I am not aware of flatpak or appimage installed by default in any version. You just have the option to install them, but you have to install them yourself.
To remove the snap support services for 18.1 series see:

AFAIK apparmor is required by snapd for sand-boxing

Concerning apparmor:

Dbus does not depend on apparmor anymore see:


You can't keep living in the past.

And I don't see it as giving in - I see it as consequence of the ever evolving Linux eco-system.

For years people have been complaining that Linux is not following the tide and when Linux does - users start complaining about the good old days.

You cannot satisfy everyone.

If you want a true Free system - you could always use Parabola - they even do an openrc version.


It is not like "living in the past", it's more like "using what works better", that is = Repos.
I have already used and tested both snap and flatpak and have had more cons than pros with them, so I decided keep using so hated 'old way' of doing things. That's it.
When snap and flatpak became more mature and less problematic, maybe I'll give them a second chance.

I agree.

It should not be snaps for sake of snap but for a viable method of running apps which can be otherwise problematic.

E.g. Skype - which I never use but a new client wanted a skype call from an office in Germany.

I know I don't want to infect my system with a probably troublesome version from AUR so I activated snap

systemctl start snapd snapd.apparmor appmor

The next thing was

snap install skype --classic

And it worked - no issues. Now that was useful - getting paid to meet with with Ruby developer in Germany using Skype. I can live with snap for such usecase.


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